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the lost american jazzbook volume II featuring tammi brown

From Kabir Sehgal, multi Grammy-winning producer

Rare is the album that reminds me of the stay-up-at-night-joy of listening to music… Each song on this album is as unique as a fingerprint, with different melodies, lyrics, harmonic progressions, and arrangements. The Lost American JazzBook continues the American art song tradition of music that addresses the time in which we live through extraordinarily elegant and vivid creations. And for that I’m grateful. These artists have taken the road less traveled, one which more of us need to heed. 


Volume I of the JAZZBOOK won “Jazz Vocal Album of the Year” from the 14th Independent Music Awards.

From Jeffrey Wood, Studio Director, Fantasy Studios

The music is creative and timeless. It is elegant and eloquent in how it inhabits the musical landscape. A fresh addition to the American Songbook. Truly original and beautifully done. 

Craig Currier, Vice President / Director of Advertising Markets, Peermusic - North America  As the largest independent publisher in the world, we know original music when we hear it.  That’s ‘The Lost American JazzBook’.  No one else is doing this—writing NEW songs that sound like the standards we love.  It’s a truly unique take on what makes the American Songbook great.